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Screenshots of PowerWinnow

PowerWinnow Publisher's Description

PowerWinnow is a small but powerful tool to make your presentations more interactive and more impressive.

PowerWinnow enables you you draw arrows, circles, boxes, lines and text on what ever is being presented on the screen. Change the transparency of what you draw on the screen to get text marker effects and more.

During presentation you can highlight facts on your slides you are focusing, add comments and so on. In contrast to predefined animations inside your presentation, such live comments will attract much more attention from your audience.

PowerWinnow is very easy to use.

After program start only a small icon will be visible in the right section of the taskbar.

To start commenting the screen's content, simply press the Print-Key of your keyboard.

The screen is now framed with a slim red border, so that you know that are in PowerWinnow mode.

You can now start drawing on the screen mith your mouse.

After program start the line tool in half-transparent red color is active by default (text marker effect). Click on the screen and drag to draw a line.

There are two ways to change the tool, color and transparency:

  • Move the mouse to the upper border of the screen: A menu bar will appear to enable settings by mouse
  • Keyboard shortcuts


The following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Keys 1 to 0:

Opacity is set in ten steps from low (1) to high (0).

Key R:

Switch to Color Red

Key G:

Switch to Color Green

Key B:

Switch to Color Blue

Key Y:

Switch to Color Yellow

Key I:

Switch to Line Tool (I has shape of a line)

Key O:

Switch to Ellipse (Oval) Tool (O has oval shape)

Key T:

Switch to Arrow Tool (T looks a bit like an arrow)

Key J:

Switch to Freehand Tool

Key A:

Switch to Text Tool (A, B, C,...)

Backspace Key:

Delete last object.

Settings by these keys will be effectiv for the following objects to be drawn.

The following key shortcuts will also change the properties of the last drawn object:

Page up-Key:

Line of object becomes thicker, or Text larger

Page down-Key

Line of object becomes thinner, or Text smaller

Up Key:

Stronger Color for object

Down Key:

Weaker Color for object

You can leave the PowerWinnow mode by pressing the Print-Key again!

Exit PowerWinnow by right click on the small icon in the right part of the taskbar. Select 'Exit' in the menu.



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